Donation Request

Little’s Photography and The Frame Studio have been community advocates since 1996.  We are proud to partner and support a wide range of community organizations every year.

We are proud to support the following local organizations:

  • The Humane Society
  • The Heart Gallery
  • The Junior League of Fort Lauderdale
  • Private and Public Schools such as
  • Pine Crest
  • Westminster
  • Saint Thomas
  • Cardinal Gibbons
  • St Marks
  • St Colemans
  • St Anthony’s
  • Del Mar Arts
  • (And Many More)

General Donations

Tell us what you need.  If we can, we will.

Auction Donation

We donate the following services when we can to our community:

  • Photography for your event
  • Videography for your event
  • Live and Silent Auction Gift Certificates
  • Pop Up Photo Studio (What is this?)

What We Require In Return:

  1. If we have agreed to photograph or video an event for you, then we expect to be the only company doing so.
  2. We do expect to have appropriate sponsor credit.
  3. Only our approved logo can be used on any materials or web use. Click here to download our logo.
  4. Our donation may not be packaged, raffled, or bundled with any other item.



  1. Only our approved logo can be used on any materials or web use. Click here to download our logo
  2. We will provide a sample display. It must be picked up and signed out by a representative or volunteer of the organization receiving the donation no more than 2 business days before the event and must be returned the first business day after the event.
  3. Our display must be kept intact.  Under no circumstances can the display be altered or any part of it unused or set aside. (See picture of display)
  4. Our donation may not be packaged or bundled with any other item.
  5. If for some reason the donation is not purchased during the event, it is returned to us and not given away to anyone on the committee, volunteer, or other.

Donation Request Form

If you would like to request a donation, please fill out the information below. We will be in contact within 2 weeks. If you have an urgent request, feel free to fill the form out and give us a call.


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