Risk Mitigation Precautions

Risk Mitigation Precautions

at Little’s Photography

We at Little’s have been working thoughtfully to ensure the safety of our clients as well as our staff. 

Precautions in place:

  1. Space Redesign to create more open traffic patterns.  Now complete.  
  2. Cleaning daily and in between guests.
  3. Attire is disinfected between sessions – Some schools have elected to have students wear their own clothing for their senior formals. See Pine Crest School attire guidelines.
  4. Health screening temperatures will be taken as people enter the building.
  5. Protective face coverings/masks for all employees as well as all individuals not being photographed
  6. Distancing – markings and traffic patterns are available throughout the studio
  7. Time between sessions is sufficient for deep cleaning
  8. Electronic Risk Release Waiver each client will sign as part of their check in process.

Flexibility is the key to success. The following options are available to our clients:

Option 1 – Clients who are ready to do their senior shoots can schedule their appointments now.  We will use every precaution listed above.  

Option 2 – Clients who are not ready to do their session over the summer will be granted opportunities to schedule their photo session in the fall.

Option 3 – Clients who are ready to do their sessions now, but don’t want to come inside the studio will be able to schedule an outside photo session at our studio where a space has been prepared for this purpose. Please call 954-563-0444 to further discuss this option. **Little’s Photography will do the best to match the indoor space, however, please know that the elements play a big role in the outcome.

In-studio Photo Session – Risk Mitigation

  • The Studio space will have a minimal traffic flow. 
  • During the sessions, the only parties in the room would be the photographer and student being photographed. 
  • The studio will be thoroughly cleaned daily prior to operating business hours and all materials, door knobs, chairs and other sitting surfaces will be wiped down after each session. 
  • Photographers will be wearing a mask or faceguard at all times during the shoot. 
  • Photographers will maintain adequate distance between them and the subject. 
  • Subjects will be directed to fix their hair and wardrobe. A mirror will be available for viewing. 
  • Clients will enter and exit through different doors. There will be no close contact with other clients.
  • We have a bathroom in the studio that will be used only by the clients who have sessions on designated days. This area will be wiped down after each session and cleaned thoroughly prior to operating business hours. 

Outdoor setup: We have a shaded space right outside our studio door that is covered well from direct sunlight. The senior backdrop will be set up with and the photographer will maintain  a safe distance from the subject and will be wearing a mask at all times. The chair that they will be sitting on will be clean after every use.